• The Sleeping Giant is in part a story of the Community Energy Movement in the United States, from its most successful leader - Paul Fenn, creator of  "Community Choice Aggregation" and "Solar Bonds."   
  • While undertaking a frontal attack on the economic assumptions of the climate debate, Fenn speaks as a political theorist as well as an activist; The Sleeping Giant is thus also an ironic story about the failures of movements, and the role of intellectuals in keeping them honest.
  • Condemning the Manichean and moral passion plays of environmentalist leaders, The Sleeping Giant is a manifesto about localism that gets to the (rotten) heart of nationalist ideology within the modern Enlightenment, redefining climate change as both crisis and apotheosis of democracy.   


The Sleeping Giant: A Localist Manifesto. Produced by Stuart Farmer

Yoni Goldstein

Director. Production Assistant is Sebastian Alvarez

Charles R. Schultz


How CCA Happened

A Video History of the Community Choice Movement

Paul Fenn's new book, "Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction, 
co-authored by philosopher Eduardo Subirats and historian Christopher Britt, formulates a new understanding of a common concept (Enlightenment) by framing it as a trans-historical and cross-cultural phenomenon. This important new book (Palgrave Macmillan/Springer, 2018)  provides an alternative to current resistance theory in arguing for new modes of intellectual engagement in politics in an age of crisis, contextualizing the practice of critical theory within contemporary political discussions on topics such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, and war. 

Fenn's flagship publication The Local Organon (local.org) features essays and links to books by Paul Fenn, Charles Schultz, Christopher Britt, W.R. Baker, Joseph Lough, and others, including "The Localist Manifesto," "The Imperial Idiot," "The Unconomy," "Paranoid Memory," and other pieces featured on The Local Organon FM radio show hosted by Charles Schultz.   

Spectacle of Enlightenment (Accountable Publishing, 2017) which Fenn/Subirats/Britt published following a lecture at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria in anticipation of the book Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction, challenges "the self-defeating notion that intellectuals should settle for resistance" and urges them to accomplish much more. With this aim in mind, the authors construct a cosmology of enlightenment that regards it as an unstable epiphenomenon, critique the limits of the enlightenment of Pax Americana, and provide an epistemological theory and demonstration of intellectual participation in civil society. As such, Spectacle of Enlightenment presents a reflexive challenge to the spectacle that defines our reality today. "Spectacle assigns to the intellectual the role of the critic, on the one hand, and on the other, that of the soothsayer of princes." In opposition to both and on the basis of this radical critique, Spectacle of Enlightenment proposes a trespassive tradition of cultural leadership.


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